We are a family of people who love the Lord and are greatly committed to sharing this love and extending His love to all. Through our home cell community outreach programs, we have established a family like atmosphere with in our ministry.

Growth in Faith and Numbers

Since the time we moved our headquarters to our present location (Bulenga) nine (9) years ago, we have experienced unfathomable growth in every way.

We have been privileged to lead a great number of people to Christ, nurtured and mentored them and witnessed great transformation. We have been blessed and bought our own property, Bought land for various church projects and are daily impacting communities all over the country.

For this we are grateful to God and to our members and friends all over the world that have stood with us to where we are today.

Church Ministries

Field / Branch Churches

Pastor Solomon Mwesige has been called to mentor leaders in all spheres of living. The ministry now has many field Pastors and five branch churches within Kampala city and many others across the country.

Field pastors meet every first week of January for an evaluation and equipping conference as we begin the year.

Children’s Church

This currently has over 300 children who meet every Sunday morning, guided by volunteers and teachers. It also has a children’s choir and a Praise and Worship team.


This involves the teenagers (13-19 years). Its purpose is to help the youth grow in all kinds of areas. It also has a sports programme that includes netball, basketball and football. We also do school outreach programmes and the Young Professional Association.


Churches all over the world are dying as a result of not evangelizing; many have no budgets for outreach programmes and as a result, many have resorted to lobbying for political favors instead of winning souls and discipling them. We as a church are committed to evangelizing everywhere and at all times: we believe that a Christian is one everywhere and every time not just on Sunday. We also have a strong discipleship programme to nurture the new converts.

Bible Study

We believe the Word of God is not only food for the spirit but also the answer to life’s questions. It is however clear on record that many children of God are not devoted to feeding on the unchanging, transforming Word of God. They have too less or no time made for the Word. We believe that just as the physical body needs to be fed many times daily, the spirit man too, should not be limited to one big spiritual meal on a Sunday.

Music Ministry

This includes the Worship team, Junior Worship team, the Choir, Power Point, God’s family and the Teens. We believe music is a powerful communication, edifying and healing avenue.

Men’s Ministry

This is a ministry committed to shaping the God kind of men. Married and single men meet particularly to plan for development. They also pray together and sharpen one another.

Women of Virtue

This is committed to shaping women (Proverbs 31:10). They get together every last Saturday of the month to pray and encourage one another. This ministry also manages a women SACCO (micro loan and revolving funds that will move families out of poverty).